Print Advertising & editorial (magazines, newspapers and online) – Champion Porsche the world’s largest Porsche dealer by volume. Targeted print advertising works.

Direct Mail Printing - Champion Audi, with over a decade working on all their printing, creative, advertising, marketing, digital, website, photography, video and TV.

Creative Design & LayoutCity Smart magazine & The Sun Sentinel Daily Newspaper (as consultants we were brought in to help their creative department improve their creative for their advertisers. We have worked with the largest international publications including UK leading publishers. As a former director in the media industry, we can assist with your advertising and marketing needs.

Print Advertising (magazines, newspapers and online) – British Motor Car Distributors, LTD & Qvale Auto Group, Audi Coral Springs (formerly known as Champion Audi the largest Audi showroom in the world).

Lifestyle & Product Photography – Deep Impact Boats, photoshoot for the boat manufacturer product range and lifestyle; photos for all marketing collateral, advertising, online, video and the media.

Audi Polo Team and The Grand Champions Polo Club for their printing, advertising, sponsorship, photography and website design; including Audi and their special PR division that reaches Hollywood and special events like Polo to strengthen their brand.

Commercial Signage & DisplayChampion Audi Pompano Beach, using motor racing as a marketing platform. We do all types of commercial signage and display. Your forecourt and showroom needs large format printed display that attracts and reinforces your message.

Website Design, Development and E-commerce – World Famous Cigarette Racing Team is one of the world’s top offshore powerboat builders. For over five years we helped Cigarette not only on their website needs but catapult their digital online marketing too with exceptional results.

Marketing Proposals – Audi Sport; when Audi Sport presented to Audi USA the countrywide Stars and Cars promotional events, we were the creative agency of choice. We have had a very long relationship working with Audi and Audi Sport – our knowledge of the automotive manufactures and their dealerships to their motorsports divisions reinforces our expertise.

Website Design, Development & Marketing Collateral - A First Class Air Charter.

Newspaper Editorial – Champion Audi, The Boca Raton Tribune, using Audi safety rating as an editorial piece.

Litho & Digital Printing – Marketing Collateral, Deep Impact Boat, creative, brochure - bespoke printing, large format printing.

Website Design & Development - Andy Roddick, the former American world No. 1 professional tennis player.

Photography - Audi Coral Springs, photos for all marketing collateral, advertising, display, online and the media.

Litho & Large Format Printing, Direct Mail & EmailAudi USA, Audi Sport & Audi dealers’ countrywide in their promotion of the Audi Stars & Cars Program for over 5 years. Event display, creative & marketing collateral, digital marketing campaigns and video.

Website Design & Development - The Maui Spa & Wellness, the ultimate Hawaiian spa experience.

Marketing Collateral - Audi quattro Cup, invitations, event materials, banners, posters and creative.

Interactive Multimedia - Orbus Neich Medical Technologies used our interactive multimedia to give the medical industry different ways to engage with their medical stent product to illustrate how the flow of blood or other fluids is restored.

Event, Forecourt Graphics & Printing – Audi Lighthouse Point, large format repositionable outdoor display are highly effective at promoting.

Racing Car Liveries & Design – Albatec, Champion Racing and RML Racing, over 20 years experience.

Actor Showreel, Website Design & Development – actor and tv presenter Alec Musser, used our creative approach to piece together his footage showcasing his work and to build his website.

Video editing and production - Tom Kristensen "Mr. Le Mans" the former racing driver and 9-time winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, used our service to showcase his record-breaking achievement.

Creative Design and Direct Mail - Fields BMW, used our creativity and direct mailing to reach their prospects in a more targeted way.

Motorsport Marketing - Champion Racing, a decade working with the world’s most successful 40-strong privateer racing teams campaigning various Porsches and Audis in the Rolex Sports Car Series, the 24 Hours of Daytona followed by the ALMS series, the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Speed GT series. From Sponsorship, Creative Design, Printing, Livery, Apparel Design, Website Design and Development to E-commerce.

Creative Design & Layout - Sun Sentinel Daily Newspaper (Tribune Publishing Company), after being voted the best design agency of their advertisers, we wear brought on board to help their creative team and their advertisers creative to have a high impact on their readers.

Printed Press Kits – Audi Sport & Champion Racing for the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the ALMS series; all creative must be to the manufacturer's highest standard, all guidelines used in advertising, marketing and CI are applied.

Corporate & Family Heritage Production - Kjell Qvale, British Motor Car Distributors, LTD & Qvale Auto Group - Contracted to tell the amazing story about this Norwegian family that was so instrumental in distributing British, German and Italian cars to the USA. As a wholesale distributor and retail dealer, he operated over 100 dealerships and sold a million cars representing 36 makes. He is the former owner of Jensen Motors Ltd, together he and Donald Healey developed the Jensen-Healey.

Video editing and production – Audi Sport & Champion Racing. Video is very popular, it is easy to digest, entertaining and engaging.

3d Broadcasting Graphics & Animation – Champion Porsche & Audi tv commercial, modeling, animating, texturing, lighting, Rendering for presentations, movies and video effects.

Event & Marketing Collateral - GM, Cadillac & Cadillac Racing, used our creative and presentation process to reach their Cadillac dealers’ across the USA for the Cadillac Champions Tour Events.

Sponsorship & Marketing Collateral - Perfect Competition & Test Football Academy – Advertising, Marketing, Sponsorship, Creative Design, Printing, Photography, Website Design and Development, Video Production.

Track Signage and Large Format Printing – Audi & Audi Sport.

Print Advertising & Creative Design - Advanced Cable, Century 21, Blue Sky Environments Interior Décor, City Smart Magazine. We have extensive experience in print advertising; our first advertisement was created in 1984 using photography and the use of a real airbrush, commercial art.